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Raytron - direct importer of hotel locks and equipment, security and PA systems​

RAYTRON was founded in 1993. For years we have been offering high quality products for the construction of complex and complex security systems, warranty and post-warranty service

RAYTRON is a direct importer. The products offered by us are certified and in accordance with the legal framework in force in the country, the Bulgarian standards, as well as with the world and European norms for the relevant equipment.

RAYTRON is a representative of leading companies in the relevant sector. We always strive to meet the expectations of all customers by following global trends and renewing the product range continuously by adding new and innovative products.

In 2023, we registered two own trademarks HOTELLO and SMARTISIMO.

HOTELLO is a brand entirely oriented towards the hotel industry, which has been one of our priorities for the past few years. We follow all the innovations in the industry and strive to offer all innovative solutions to our customers as quickly as possible. We can offer both the well-known offline hotel electronic locks and modern hotel locks with mobile keys or a wireless online hotel room access system. Smart hotels are no longer a mirage, and more and more managers realize that the investment in such a system would have a very quick return and a huge effect in protecting the environment. The systems we offer in this direction can be built through proper design and cabling for newly built objects or a wireless system can be built for all already functioning hotels.

SMARTISIMO is the second direction we are developing in 2023. In order to be closer to our customers and for their convenience, we have created a new online store for products that anyone can install and configure themselves without the need for a qualified installer.

In addition to being an importer and supplier, we at RAYTRON offer a full engineering service including design, construction and maintenance of fire alarm systems, hospital emergency notification systems, video surveillance and access control systems. Building a modern and reliable security system implies active communication between individual systems and their integration into a common interface that is convenient and easy for users to operate. RAYTRON has a solution to this task as well.

It is very important for us that all customers are served on time and remain satisfied with the solutions and services offered. In 2023, RAYTRON invested in the implementation of a new ERP system, with which we believe that we will make it even easier for customers to communicate with us, service orders, and online support requests. The ability to receive feedback from customers is very important to us.

The accumulated experience, the qualifications of the employees and the positive evaluations of our work by the many satisfied customers give us self-confidence and make us be even better at what we do.


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