General conditions for using the site 

Внимателно прочетете този документ, преди да използвате уеб сайта и онлайн магазина , (всички заедно наричани по-долу „Сайт/а“). Ако използвате Сайта (разглеждате съдържанието му, правите регистрация, кликвате върху линк или бутон, с изключение на линка към тези Условия за ползване („Условия“) и т.н.) се счита, че изрично и безусловно приемате и сте съгласни с тях. В случай, че не приемате Условията, не използвайте Сайта!

I. General.

  1. The Terms govern your access to and use of the Site (the "Terms").
  2. The websiteт www. can be viewed without registration. Registration is required in the cases referred to in Article 7
  3. For the use of the Site, the same restrictions apply as for the registration set out in Art. 9
  4. All trade names and trademarks published on the Site are the property of their respective companies.
  5. You may not copy any content from the Site or its related domains without the permission of Reitron Group.
  6. In the Terms, unless the context requires otherwise:
  • headings are used for convenience only and do not affect the interpretation of the text of the Terms;
  • words used in the singular include the plural, and vice versa;
  • a reference to a section, article, clause or annex is a reference to a section, article, clause or annex of the Conditions.

II. Registration.

7. Registration is completely voluntary and free of charge and is required in the following cases:

  • ако желаете достъп до специализирана информация на уеб сайта – ценови листи, брошури, ръководства и други;
  • if you wish to receive the Raytron e-newsletter periodically;
  • ако желаете да правите поръчка в онлайн магазина .

8. In connection with registration, Raytron Group processes personal data in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Policy, which can be found here.

9.Only persons who are 18 years of age or older and of legal age may register on the Site. To register on the Site, you warrant that you are at least 18 years of age and of legal age. The Reitron Group shall not be liable in the event of registration on the Site by a person who does not meet the age and capacity restrictions set out above, as we do not carry out any checks in this respect and we do not collect any personal data regarding the age and capacity of persons registered on the Site.

10. Upon registration, you are not allowed to:

  • use "username" terms, phrases, expressions or the like that infringe the rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights;
  • use a "name" that is different from your own;
  • use "e-mail" and/or "address" if they are not your own without full rights to do so from their owner;
  • use a "company" without having full authority to do so from the governing body of the relevant company;
  • you provide information that is incorrect, incomplete or out of date;
  • use content of an unlawful, discriminatory, obscene, abusive, threatening, defamatory, hateful or indecent nature, as well as content that could damage the reputation, offend a third party or reveal a secret protected by law.

11. The Raytron Group may, if it determines that the restrictions of Article 10 have been violated, and if it suspects that you are otherwise in violation of the Terms and/or legal requirements, terminate your registration on the Site. In such event, Raytron Group will not have any liability to you.

12. Registration shall be done in person and registration on behalf of others is not allowed. When registering you must fill in the mandatory fields in the registration form.

13. By clicking on the "SUBMIT" button or any other button with a similar function at the end of the registration form you:

  • declare that you meet the requirements of Art. 9;
  • you declare that you do not violate the restrictions of Article 10;
  • you declare that you are authorised by the governing body of the company whose "name" or other details you have provided on the registration form to unconditionally accept the Terms;
  • you expressly and unconditionally declare that:
  • you voluntarily provide the Raytron Group with your personal data that you have filled in the registration form and that is contained in the "online identifiers" when using the Site described in the Policy;
  • You have read the Terms and the Policy and accept them in full and without objection;
  • you consent to Raytron Group processing your personal data, which you have filled in the registration form and which is contained in the "online identifiers", in the manner and under the conditions set out in the Policy.

14. After submitting the registration form, you will receive an email to confirm your registration. If your registration is successfully confirmed, your profile will be created on the Site which will contain the details from the registration form.

15. You can edit the data contained in your profile at any time.

16.You undertake to:

  • keep your profile details up to date;;
  • terminate your registration in the event that any of the restrictions under Article 10 arise

17. Upon termination of your registration on the Site for any reason, Raytron Group will delete all data from your account so that it cannot be retrieved in any way. Thereafter, we will not process the personal data obtained from you when registering and/or editing it in your user profile.

18. In view of the limitations under Article 10, points 3 and 4, as well as the declaration under Article 13, point 3, the Raytron Group reserves the right to request the submission of additional documents, including signed (handwritten or electronic signature), to further verify the circumstances.

19.If you wish, you may at any time close your account on the Site (terminate your registration) by sending a request to info@ Please note that if you terminate your account, your access to the specialized information referred to in Article 7(1) will be suspended and you will no longer receive the Raytron e-newsletter.

III. Changes..

20.Raytron Group reserves the right to add new, modify or remove existing features and/or services and/or information on the Site without prior notice to or consent from you.

21. The terms and conditions may be subject to change upon exercise of the Raytron Group's right under Article 20, as well as legislative changes. When changes are made, they will be published on the Site.

22.The terms are current as of 22.11.2022

IV. Other.

23.Except in the case of intent or gross negligence, Raytron Group shall not be liable for damages or lost profits resulting from:

  • use or inability to use the Site, including registration or inability to register;
  • deletion of your registration, respectively deletion of your account and the data contained therein in accordance with the Terms.

24. In the event that any provision of the Terms is found to be invalid, this will not automatically invalidate any other provision.

25.The legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to the matters not covered by the Terms.

October 2023