Now you can have great looking and reliable home automation without having to take out a loan. You don't need to be a graduate engineer or programmer to get started. Home automation is all about efficiency and convenience. 

The devices for building a smart home that you will find here are completely accessible to everyone, and everyone can build their own dream automation.

What are the benefits for you?

Cost reduction

Saving energy by monitoring and controlling the consumption of electricity


Remote and voice control. Ability to create different scenarios to achieve maximum automation and efficiency



27/7 Full control of your home. Cameras, alarm system, video doorbells - you will always be informed about what is happening at your place.

Saving time

From your mobile phone, you control the whole house - open to injured friends, turn on the garden lights, turn on the air conditioner and the irrigation system, all with just one touch.

Smile smart outlets

WiFi sockets allow you to control all electrical appliances connected to them from anywhere in the world using a mobile device.

Smile Smart heating

WiFi and Zigbee products that will help you have full control over radiators and air conditioners, as well as devices that measure room temperature and humidity.

Smile Smart lighting

A smart home is not complete without modern smart lighting. With us you will find - WiFi and Zigbee modules for lighting control, WiFi touch switches, WiFi smart LED strip, smart bulbs and more.

Smile Security

You can be calm wherever you are! You can always check what is happening outside the front door or why the alarm went off. Through the mobile application you always have access to everything in your Smart Home!

Smart home

Smile Smard yard

Opening the garage door without getting out of the car in the rain or turning on the irrigation system while on vacation - this is an invaluable convenience and guarantees you peace of mind.

Smile Other gadgets

Small smart modules with which you can turn on lights, open blinds or curtains and control many other devices

Smile hubs

This is the center of your Smart Home. These little gadgets bring many devices together and allow them to be managed from one place.

Smart lock

Smart locking devices are a convenient and effective way to ensure the security of your home. With the help of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, this modern technology provides you with exceptional comfort.

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