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Hotello Plus - hotel lock system. Hotel door locks with mobile key

Nowadays, the smartphone has become a necessary and irreplaceable helper that is always with us and we use it for more and more things - for games, for paying bills, for shopping, carpooling, etc. This is a trend that will only get stronger. It provides users with many conveniences and facilities.
HOTELLO Plus is a solution that keeps up with this trend. Through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, the electronic lock accepts the mobile phone as an access card. There is no need for the guest to stand in line at the reception to receive a key or a card for the room in which he will be accommodated. After confirming the reservation, the guest will receive their mobile key on their phone. All he needs to do is install the app from the link he will receive from the hotel.
HOTELLO Plus is hotel software that can be implemented both in new and in hotels that already have electronic locks. The upgrade kits are suitable for almost all lock models and the new hotel locks have a modern and clean design that will set your hotel apart from the rest.
Moving to mobile keys and allowing the guest to use their own phone to access their room, elevator, garage and other facilities in the hotel without having to queue at the front desk to get a card or key will attract more customers to your hotel.

BLE diagram

Why choose mobile key locks?

Sometimes also called Keyless Mobile Access or Digital Key. It's a technology that allows hotel guests to use their mobile devices as room keys. This technology enables contactless hotel check-in, where guests can bypass reception and go directly to their rooms using their mobile devices..

Offering multiple levels of security, mobile key technology is the most secure form of hotel and room access today. Physical keys and cards are easily lost or stolen and can be used immediately before the guest is aware of their loss. The probability of losing or stealing a mobile phone is significantly lower, and all modern phones have their own protections against unauthorized access to their contents.

  • to create a streamlined, automated registration workflow;
  • to meet the modern expectations of guests;
  • reduce the workload at the front desk.

Easy and efficient for guests and your team, seamless check-in is a hallmark of the modern hotel experience. With HOTELLO Plus, check-in automation works like this: Our software, HOTELLO Plus, connects to the PMS. After receiving and confirming a reservation, you issue the mobile key and send it to the guest along with a link to a mobile app. After installing it, the guest registers with the email with which the reservation was made and will immediately see in the application the mobile door keys to which he has access.  

Guests are looking for greater flexibility and autonomy during their stay at the hotel. This means they don't have to stand in long queues at registration and can independently access all the information they need.

With keyless entry, they will no longer have to swipe, hand out or replace cards or keys, and can instead focus on providing the attentive service your guests expect. The use of mobile keys gives you the option of not maintaining 24 hours reception duty. Even when the guest arrives late at night, the mobile keys will provide him with access to the hotel and his room.

By using mobile keys you reduce your costs for cards, their disinfection and at the same time you contribute to protecting the environment with less plastic waste pollution.

HOTELLO Plus hotel locks

The favourite pattern for all designers!

EMMA is a hotel lock with an outstanding modern design. On the outside of the door, only one elegant black handle is visible, with a built-in LED indication, making it universal and suitable for any modern interior


eva electronic hotel lock

Style and grace!!

SARAH is a modern and elegant two-piece hotel electronic lock. The elegant handle will add additional style and sophistication to your interior. Suitable for installing rebated and non-rebated doors

EVA hotel lock

Black nobility!

EVA is a modern and beautiful electronic lock suitable for any type of door. The material from which it is made in combination with the black color radiate luxury and nobility. You can choose from three finish options - with a black, silver and gold frame and handle.


Universal !

KATY s a universal, elegant electronic lock that can be installed on any door, including aluminum and PVC. All electronics are embedded in the shield, making it extremely suitable for replacing ordinary key locks in operating hotels. Replacement is quick and hassle-frees. 

Eliza hotel lock

Classics are always in fashion!

ELIZA is an electronic lock with a classic look that will always be relevant. It is suitable for replacing old hotel locks from almost all manufacturers, as in most cases it covers the existing openings.

Are your doors external? No problem. We have a solution!
ANNA WP is a hotel lock with a classic look. Made of 316 grade stainless steel, specially designed for use in severe weather conditions. It can be installed on hinged and non-hinged doors.

Advantages of HOTELLO Plus locks

The same card, issued once in the software, can be used to open locks, access readers to common areas in the hotel, such as SPA centers, swimming pools, parking lots, etc., access to the elevator, energy saving device, safe, accounting of working hours, personnel management system, etc. 

Self-contained smart lock without cable connection, powered by 4 alkaline batteries.

The locks support ANSI and DIN standard locking mechanisms, suitable for both non-rebated and rebated doors. They are made of stainless steel. Safe and reliable.

The lock can be used more than 1 year normally with 4 pcs. alkaline AA LR6)batteries.

The alarm is triggered when the door is improperly closed, the battery voltage is low, or when the latches are deliberately retracted.

An extremely convenient function if you decide to use a room for conferences or other events. 

Temporary card for guests when there is no power or there is a problem with the computer. This avoids the inconvenience caused to the customers and the chaos at the reception.

All HOTELLO Plus series locks are equipped with a mechanical key for emergency opening.

The locks can be installed on wooden, metal, and some models on aluminum and PVC doors. They are suitable for hotels, hostels, dormitories, rental properties.

HOTELLO Plus- hotel access software 

At the core of HOTELLO access control technology is our custom management software. Designed with flexibility and ease of use in mind. Unlike many competing hotel lock management systems, the same software also allows you to issue mobile keys. HOTELLO Plus is fully customizable to your specific building layout. Compatible with access cards and mobile key. Same software for all formats. Different access rights can be assigned to different users. Access to certain areas at certain times, for example. hotel gym with working hours from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Detailed audit trail for all lock events. Comes with an encrypted software license key for added security. 

Hotello Plus software

Bluetooth contactless reader

Access control reader. It is the ideal solution for public doors with medium and high traffic levels, such as main entrances, spa centers, etc. The reader communicates with a controller located on the protected side of the door. Access control readers are ideal for controlling a range of solutions including conventional and automatic doors, lift controllers, car park barriers, pedestrian gates and automated parcel lockers and more. Contactless cards, wristbands and mobile keys work with HOTELLO.



Elevator controller

Elevator controllers provide greater convenience and security in the hotel. They provide controlled movement of guests and other visitors to specific floors. Access permissions to certain floors are stored on the access card or in the mobile key. The controller is compatible with all models of elevator systems produced by leading global manufacturers, such as Schindler, Kone and Otis. 


Card encoder
Used to program cards. It is made of durable ABS material. You can read and write cards through it. Plug and play. Works on Windows XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 /Win11 operating systems.

Portable programmer

One device with 3 functions! The portable device greatly facilitates the work of the manager and technical support in the hotel. With it you can check the date and time of the locks, program them, unlock and download the records of all events of 10 locks at the same time.

Upgrade hotel lock

Upgrade old hotel locks

Upgrading existing hotel locks with a contactless reader or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module is an important element in the strategy to improve customer satisfaction and improve the operational qualities of existing electronic locks. This is done quickly and easily without the need to close the hotel for renovations or change doors. The upgrade of old locks and the option of issuing a mobile key create an opportunity to reduce your costs for consumables and reduce the use of plastic cards. Guests appreciate the convenience and security of mobile keys and like the fact that they help the environment. 

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HOTELLO eSmart - online hotel system and hotel locks with mobile key


The owner gets full control over the operation of the hotel. It has access to all data from the locks and can generate reports at any time. There is no need to synchronize the data from the locks with the software using cards or other devices, as in offline systems, to view the log of the openings of a particular door. In the online system, all information is available in real time. Similarly, in real time, the owner or manager of the hotel can monitor the use of electricity in the room: who and when turned on the lights, for what period of time.

Guests no longer need to queue at reception to be seated. After confirming the reservation and before they arrive at the hotel, you can send them a mobile key or room access code. 

Electrical management in the rooms. The online hotel access control system includes a network energy-saving module (key card). It is connected to the server and tracks the guest's registration in the system and does not turn on the lights in the room if the guest is not registered (if there is integration with PMS). In the case of using employee cards as guest keys, all such events are recorded in a specialized report on deviations in the use of electricity in the rooms. In addition, the ability to remotely turn on and off the lights in a hotel room is available. The remote lighting control takes precedence over the map. The card will not turn on power to the room until the switch is returned to normal operation by the owner/manager. These tools are designed to prevent illegitimate use of rooms by hotel staff in the absence of owners and management.

The system is web-based, and in order to provide remote access to owners and managers from anywhere in the world, it is necessary to provide Internet access to the server. So they will be able to control in real time from any device they have at the moment - computer, tablet or mobile phone. 

No software needs to be installed on user devices. Employees work in a browser, the system is installed on a compact microserver. HOTELLO eSmart, which is an advantage of our system. This ensures the fault tolerance and continuous operation of the system without being dependent on third parties, Internet providers or cloud services. On the other hand, it also reduces the costs of licenses when it is necessary to open a new workplace.

There are no operating system restrictions. Since all work with the system is done in a standard browser and does not require the installation of hardware drivers, you can use any operating system - Windows, macOS, Android, iOS or Linux.

Lower maintenance costs. Changing a computer at the reception desk does not require reinstallation of the system. You simply open the link in your usual browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.) and get to work. No special computer setup required, database recovery, etc

The door is always opened from the inside, by pressing the handle, even if it is locked


Changing the lock mode from hotel to "office" makes it convenient to use the lock in business premises of the hotel;



Exclusion of unauthorized accommodation of guests. Until the guest is registered in the PMS, the card cannot be issued if the lock system is integrated with the PMS. The administrator creates guest cards only in the Hotel Management System (PMS). He cannot issue a room key without performing a fiscal operation in the hotel management system. If a PMS check-in cancellation is made, the guest card immediately stops working. If the administrator in PMS performs a transfer immediately after check-in, the guest card stops working on the first room. These common methods of unregulated guest check-in do not work in the HOTELLO eSmart online system when integrated with PMS.

In the names of employees and guests, even if the guest card is issued by PMS

To monitor the condition of the rooms, the HOTELLO eSmart online system has a special report on the use of service cards in the rooms. If you find that the staff card has been the room's energy-saving module for a long time, you can turn off the lights in the room for a certain time interval

For service staff (maids, maintenance, etc.), cards may be limited to their working hours. For example, such cards will work from 08:00 to 21:00. This limits the willingness of employees to use such cards to accommodate guests.

The guest card can become a means of payment that facilitates purchasing decisions in restaurants, bars, spas and rental shops. Buffet food control. Both features are possible by installing the PMS integration module.

Personnel control. Real-time monitoring of employee movements. All pass events are reflected in real time in the pass report. You can see in the report not only the passage of the guests, but also all the passage of the staff, including through the service doors.

The monitoring of the maids. For each specific room, you can track who turned on the lights in the room and when. The reference reflects the time the electricity was turned on and off and the owner of the card with which the electricity was turned on. If a staff card is left in the key card for more than one hour, such an event is automatically reflected in the exception register, which allows you to track unusual use of the room.

Equipment condition monitoring. Instead of a weekly check, maintenance sees each lock's battery levels and equipment status in real time. In offline systems, the responsibility for monitoring the battery charge falls on the maids, which sometimes results in maintenance not being informed in a timely manner about the need to change the batteries in the lock. The result may be a malfunction of the lock upon the arrival of a guest. In the online system, the battery level is visible in the list of locks. A glance at the report gives you an idea of ​​which locks need to change their batteries.

If a guest, for example, has difficulty using the app on their phone or entering the code, the lock can be opened remotely from the front desk.

SOFIA online hotel lock

SOFIA is an online hotel lock with a classic design. Electronic lock with RFID technology and mobile key. The front and back panels are made of 304 stainless steel. It is ideal for replacing old hotel locks. Covers existing door openings for most hotel lock models on the market. Available in several colors: stainless steel, gold, graphite, copper and black.


The IRIS eSmart series of hotel electronic locks with colorful design panels is made using advanced In-mould (IMD) technology. Thanks to this advanced plastic injection molding method, panels can be ordered in a wide variety of colors and designs. The CNC machining used makes every edge of the lock perfect and adds style and class to upgrade the image of the hotel. Aluminum profile lock frame and iron base provide a higher level of durability and rigidity compared to stainless steel material.


MARIE Bluetooth online hotel electronic lock.Extremely elegant with a sophisticated LED effect that gives the whole hotel a modern feel. Three well-chosen colors of black body with silver, gold, "golden coffee" and graphite frame, meet the different decoration styles of different hotel.


LORA Smart lock radiating elegance and style. With a sophisticated LED effect that gives the whole hotel a modern feel. All mounting screws are hidden behind a decorative panel

All locks from the HOTELLO eSmart series have the option of emergency opening with a key and a low battery alarm.

Tina onlain hotel lock

TINA is an online hotel lock with a clean design. Electronic lock with RFID technology and mobile key. The front and back panels are made of SUS304 stainless steel. It is ideal for replacing ordinary locks with keys. Can be installed on an existing 72 or 85mm mechanical lock. Thus, the transition from key locks to electronic ones is quick, easy and without having to make new openings in the door. 


NIKITA online hotel lock

NIKITA is a modern and beautiful electronic lock with a mobile key consisting of 2 parts with a hidden reader. All the electronic components of this series of hotel locks are in the locking mechanism: electronics, reader, battery compartment. It is suitable for any type of door. It is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is a guarantee of strength and quality.

NORA onlain hotel lock

NORA Smart online hotel lock with mobile key. The NORA electronic lock has separate handles and a hidden reader. All the electronic components of this series of hotel locks are in the locking mechanism: electronics, reader, battery compartment. On the one hand, this allows to give the lock a modern and compact appearance that fits into any interior, and on the other hand, it is a complete engineering solution without connecting cables for the battery compartment and the reader, which makes installation easier and more further exploitation.

KARINA onlain hotel lock

KARINA Online lock. Unlocking can be by code, mobile key or card. Both online and offline codes can be generated. It is made of strong and durable material with an oxidized coating, which guarantees long-term use without changing its appearance. Elegant and stylish, it is suitable for hotels or apartments rented on a hotel basis. The possibility to use several ways of unlocking allows the hotel to facilitate its guests by offering them the most convenient way of access. 


hotell esmart diagram
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