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Hotel locks, hotel safes, hair dryers, LED displays
Hotel locks, hotel safes, hair dryers, LED displays
Integrated security systems, intruder alarm systems
Take the control of your property in your hands
Nurse call sysytems
Calling systems for hospitals, hotels and elderly homes
Retail security display

5 in 1 Smart alarm system

Smart and modern security solutions. The systems we offer are tested and proven to be reliable. They give you the ability to remotely control your alarm system via a smart phone or SMS. The built-in some models or an added camera adds a chance to have a visual connection with your family, to see when the kid comes back from school and to greet him, to check out how your old parents are and whether they need help, and not lastly, in an alarm, you can see and record the intruder. From one application, you manage the alarm in the office, the villa and at home. Some of the models support an interface with a security company. Everyone can install and set up their own system in a very short time - fast, easy, reliable and secure!