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Network or standalone controller for 1 door

Network or standalone controller for 1 door
Network or standalone controller for 1 door
  • Brand: KaDe
  • Product Code: RGAC-N-KZ2000-IP-М
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The controller has been designed for access control system and to be mounted on a wall without any additional enclosure. 32 bit processor ensures fast and reliable data processing. This is one door controller. With additional reader (also with keypad) it can use for two way control.It’s possibility to set one from four identification mode: Card only (default mode); PIN only; Card or PIN; Card + PIN

The controller can work in standalone (programming from keypad) or in network mode. In network mode it can work on-line or off-line with supervisor KaDe Premium Plus software II on PC.

1 door - two way

Technical data
Power supply:12 VDC
Quiescent current110mA
Number of doors controller:1 door two way control
Numbers of readers supported1 (Wiegand 26 bit)
Types of readers supported:Mifare (13.6Mhz);RGAC-N-KZ2000-IP-U : UNIQUE (125Khz)
Number of Inputs :3 (exit button, sensor door opening, PIR sensor)
Number of Outputs:3( lock, bell, alarm)
User Capacity:20 000
Log Events Capacity:50 000
Communication:TCP/IP , Wiegand
Browsers Supported-
Dimensions:122 x 78 x 30 mm
Weigh:0,200 kg
Operating temperature:2°C to 55°C