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KaDe Premium Plus II

KaDe Premium Plus II
KaDe Premium Plus II
  • Brand: KaDe
  • Product Code: RGAC-N-KADE+
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Software is dedicated work with RGAC-N-KS2012/24-IP/RS standard controllers, RGAC-N-KS2000-IP-ELV elevator controllers and RGAC-N-KZ2000-IP-U or RGAC-N-KZ2000-IP-M integrated controllers in online mode. Standard controllers (unlike integrated controllers) are made in the form of modules, placed in metal enclosure with power supply. They are located in the protected area. Other system components (readers, electric locks, buttons) are installed next to the controlled door and connected to the controller. Such solution guarantees higher system security level, compared to integrated controllers. Readers can use any identification technology, provided they adopt Wiegand interface.

KaDe Premium Plus II software is very simple to install and it has very friendly graphic interface for operator. “Dynamic help” windows displayed on operator’s desktop deserve attention as a handy user manual. After click in any field of operator’s desktop the description of this position and configuration method of system element is displayed.

The software is dedicated for small and medium companies.

User interface allows:

  • physical system elements configuration

  • logical elements definition

  • on-line” system monitoring through graphic objects maps and alerts

  • user’s photo displaying after card use

  • filtered event reports generation and save in *.xls format

KaDe Premium Plus II software offers a lot of functionalities, which allow to fulfill unusual system administrator’s requirements, such as:

  • multi card access

  • first person in” access mode

  • access after operator’s confirmation

  • elevator access control up to 69 floors

  • NOVUS NVR 6000 series integration

  • maps with system elements icons

RS-485 buses of controllers can be connected with supervisor software on computer through RS-232 converter or TCP converter. Software can support up to 20 buses with 32 controllers per each bus. Controllers with IP port can communicate through Ethernet network. System can support up to 1024 controllers, so up to 4096 one-side controlled doors with 4-door controllers.

Technical data
Operating System:Windows VISTA, Server 2008, 7, 8, 10
License:1 work station
Data base:
Max Devices:1024
Time Zone:90
Access Level:200
Anti-pass back:+
Multi-card opening:+
First-card opening:+
Access after confirmation by the operator:+
Visual Map:+
Duress code:+
Video Integration:+
Visitor Management:-
Elevator Control:+ ( up to 69 floors)
Reports export to XLS. :+