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IP access control controller for 4 doors

IP access control controller for 4 doors
IP access control controller for 4 doors
  • Brand: KaDe
  • Product Code: RGAC-N-KS2024-IP
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This controller is designed to be used in an access control system, managed by KaDe Premium Plus II software. Standard controllers (unlike integrated controllers) are made in the form of modules, placed in a metal enclosure with power supply. They are located in a protected area. Other system components (readers, electric locks, buttons) are installed next to the controlled door and connected to the controller. Such solution guarantees a higher system security level, compared to integrated controllers. Readers can use any identification technology, provided they adopt Wiegand 26-40 bit interface.

2 doors - two way
4 doors - one way

Technical data
Power supply:12 VDC
Number of doors controller:2 doors two way control4 doors one way control
Numbers of readers supported 4 (Wiegand 26-40 bit)
Types of readers supported:proximity, magnetic stripe, biometric
Number of Inputs :12
Number of Outputs:5
User Capacity:20 000
Log Events Capacity:50 000
Communication:TCP/IP , Wiegand
Browsers Supported-
Dimensions:187 x 120 x 22 mm
Weigh:0,350 kg
Operating temperature:-10°C to 55°C